web design, graphic design, UI / UX, print design

Working on projects for Global InfoMine, development and maintenance: EduMine - courses, certification, campuses, online tools, training software | Mining.com - digital publication covering the global mining sector | CostMine - industry standard for mining cost estimating | CommodityMine - commodity and metal prices | CountryMine - mining intelligence by country | Charts & Data - charts & data for the mining industry | ConferenceMine - seminars and conferences of a highly-technical nature | TechnoMine - leading source of online information about technology for the mining and geoscience communities | EventsMine - mining events & mineral exploration events worldwide | EquipmentMine - new and used mining equipment marketplace | IntelligenceMine - company and property reports

Working in a team of programmers, web developers, web and graphic designers.

Responsibilities: UI/UX, graphics, coding, email campaigns, sponsor posts
Technology/Apps: HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery, Bootstrap, CMS, Wireframes, Prototypes

InfoMine's client and older projects:

Eastern Machine & Conveyors, Inc. project for InfoMine client,
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123webhosting project for idig.net,
front-end development click here >
123hosts project for idig.net,
front-end development click here >
Seymour Financial Inc. project,
front-end development click here >