web design, graphic design, UI / UX, print design

Greg Fenrick
Suppliers Division Head, InfoMine, Inc.

Walter's ability to intuitively know what was best for our clients and his design skills were a big part of the success of my division.

He is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. No matter the design job, he was always very responsible and met the deadlines he committed to. Even when dealing with difficult clients, Walter approached his work calmly and with humour. His excellent communication skills..


Renee Robertson
InfoMine, Inc.

Not only does he do excellent work - with enormous attention to detail - but he is one of the most responsive people I know. He "understands" the concept of customer service - both internal and external. Walter is an excellent team player too - and he is genuinely delighted when the team has successes.  Despite being a great team player – he also plays the part of the “backroom boy” with great ease and no ego.



Heather Gauthier
Editions Manager

Walter has proven himself to be a reliable, resourceful individual, with a keen mind and sharp eye for quality and a discerning discipline when creating work.

His other qualities are many but those which stand out the most are his calm demeanor, promptness, efficiency and keen awareness of deadlines.  He has many times in the past managed to pull off minor miracles within short time frames to keep both staff and clients happy.


Lori Levesque
Media Marketing / Account Manager,  InfoMine Inc.

Walter applied his technical skills and marketing knowledge to produce high-quality promotional web content for business-to-business clients in the industrial sector. He also has a good level of understanding for production of business-to-consumer content.

He is a very disciplined employee and proactive in planning and problem-solving; a team player who builds relationships with people at all levels but also works extremely well on his own ..



Marcia Mendonca
Marketing and Sales Manager

Walter had good judgment prioritizing tasks – which was extremely important to us due to the high volume of client work. He is friendly and was always able to maintain a good relationship with all his internal clients (sales representatives).